Timber Decks Add Value to Your Home

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In recent years, more and more homeowners are starting to use their outdoor space in a new way. In the past, there was often a strict dividing line between the inside and outside of a home. The typical landscaping around a home in the past usually consisted of lawn in the front and a garden in the back. Now that concept is changing.

New trends in interior design and landscape design have blurred the difference between the interior and exterior of a home. Part of this trend developed as glass windows and doors opened up rooms in the home to the beauty of the yard outside.

Today, the trend in home design and landscaping is to treat the yard and the home as one unit. In fact, decks and patios are now seen as an extension of the living space of the home. Decks and patios are often created to function as additional rooms outside.

For example, a timber deck may be used as an outdoor kitchen, living room, dining area, or as a combination of these rooms. To create an outdoor kitchen on the deck, the homeowner can install a gas range for grilling, and an area for preparing food. Timber decks often have a table with a seating area that may be fixed or mobile.

If there is room for a large timber deck, one part may be used as a kitchen and dining area, while another part is used as an outdoor living room. It is particularly easy to create an impression of two separate outdoor rooms if the deck has two levels. An outdoor carpet can be used to mark the space that is the outdoor living room. The seating arrangement in the outdoor living room can focus around a central table.

Timber decks have several advantages over brick or concrete patios. A deck made from wood will always feel cool underfoot even on very hot days, while a concrete or brick patio may become unbearably hot. Concrete patios can develop large cracks over time, especially in areas where the soil has a high clay content.

A timber deck is the ideal solution in a yard that has a steep slope, large protruding rocks, or uneven terrain. Timber decks are very attractive in appearance due to their wood construction. Many different types of wood can be used successfully to create timber decks.

A deck can become an important entertainment center for the entire family at all hours of the day. In the morning, a deck can become a playground for young children by adding a small pool, balloons, snacks, and lots of toys. In the afternoon, a deck can be a relaxing place to invite a few neighbors over for tea or coffee. At suppertime, the deck is an ideal location to invite neighbors or family members for an informal meal with meat on the grill. In the evenings, the deck can be transformed into a great place to have a party with the addition of outdoor lighting and recorded music.

In addition to being a great location for entertaining, a deck is the perfect place to simply relax. A deck should have some shade provided to guard against the hottest rays of the sun. Shade can be provided by a patio umbrella, or the deck structure can be designed to create shade with awnings. If the deck is partially covered, it can be a great place to sit outdoors even when it rains.

When the deck design is chosen, it is possible to incorporate several interesting and useful features into the construction of the deck. For example, continuous seating can easily be built all around the perimeter of the deck to create space for large groups.

Timber decks can easily be decorated with the addition of containers filled with flowers. The deck can also be designed to incorporate a raised area that will be filled with soil so that gardeners can have an elevated garden. This can be very useful for gardeners who have mobility problems and find it difficult to bend over to tend to plants.

Having a timber deck in the yard gives a homeowner and the entire family more options for how the outdoor space is used. In many backyards that are merely covered with lawn, the yard is rarely used by the family. However, once a timber deck is added, suddenly the yard will be used much more often. Having an attractive deck will also add to the resale value of your home. For decks Brisbane, check out https://www.dclprojects.com.au/ today.

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